Naomi Fabfive | Design & Stuff
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About me

I can not define what is my specialty but I have done much stuff so far. I recommend you to go take a look at some of my works on the portfolio page and if you think I could help you somehow and it seems fun and exciting, please let me know! I might be able to make it much better.

My mission

I’m curious about too many things and if possible I want to challenge all of them. Through those experiences, I’ve found out good chemistry with some of them and now I can say it as a part of my skills. I never want to lose my creativity. And I want to make people surprised with my creation.


Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Marketing, Social media Consulting, E-Commerce Consulting, Writing, Shoes Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Painting, Photo Retouch, Event Promoting, Sewing, Kickboxing, Running, Weight Training, Skateboarding, Swimming, Beat Making, Finger Drumming, etc


Currentky I’m adding my past works little by little…


We are a part of Naomis.

This part tries to pretend to be a social person. Going out for parties and meeting people, drinking a little bit of alcohol to be a talkative person. Whether she could get a job there or not, it’s all good unless she feels unhappy.


Main part. A hustler. Once she starts creating something, she never stops until she gets hungry. Which means not for a half day or until it gets dark. Just for 4 hours or so. So it’s nothing special, just like a regular person. But still has a tremendous passion for creation.


Quiet part. Thinking while she is sleeping and sleeping while sleeping. It’s actually the best moment for this full-time internet addicted guy to make your brain empty again and save up fresh oxygen instead.